Well, isn’t this nice

I’ve always been a bad blogger. I know this for a fact. I doubt I could even count the number of blogs I’ve started with high hopes, kept up for a wee bit, then completely forgotten about and then remembered about it only to discover it as dead as the Tamagotchi I also forgot about in the 5th grade.

I always say I’m going to try harder, and I will! I promise.

To start, I’ll tell you that I have an incredibly weak will when it comes to yarn. Rarely can I come out of a yarn store without some little squishy skein of wool on top of whatever it was I had originally gone in for. This happened to me yesterday: I went in for a set of double-points, and came out with enough yarn to make a #SherlockLives Cardi. I am at least, lucky enough to have a husband who puts up with my yarn habits, and will actually listen to me when I text him as I’m leaving my LYS saying, “please don’t judge me when I get home.”

And so, of course, I’m already about halfway through the sleeve chart on the first sleeve – I decided to start with a sleeve because even though my gauge was pretty spot on, I still substituted sport for DK and I figure a sleeve makes a pretty decent large swatch to test the colour work out on. Plus, you know, the colour work is the whole reason behind wanting to knit this cardigan. Eeee!

I just feel bad for my poor Harley sweater. Just as I was getting into the rhythm of the first sleeve (the sleeves are the last things that need to be knit), I go and leave it for another sweater.

Because I am apparently a project slut, I also cast on last night a pair of Podster Gloves with the special vacation yarn I bought in Seattle over Thanksgiving weekend (surprise! I’m Canadian!). I can’t remember the exact brand of it off the top of my head, and I don’t have the label with me; all I remember is that it was made in Montana and was the closest “local” yarn I could find that wasn’t close to $50 CAD per skein. I may be addicted, but not THAT addicted.

Happy Thursday!

Well, isn’t this nice

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