The Happiest Day of the Year

I am a Christmas nut.

Definitely not as much as some people I know, but I’m definitely in the camp that’ll listen to Christmas music in November.

This year has put a particular feather in my cap  because, are you ready for it, I finished all my Christmas knitting before December 1st!!! Huzzah!!!

Patterns starting from top left are: Pressed Flower Mitts, Owl Study Gloves, Gothic Lace Cowl, INSULATE! Mittens, and Norwegian Mitts for Mimi

Those are just a sampling of knits I’ve somehow managed to crank out; the last one (finished on Sunday!) is sitting in the bath as we speak.

On Saturday Husband and I joined two of our friends for a journey to the Spring Bank Christmas Market, where we expected to pick up many a handmade wonders for the people left on our list that

a. Don’t appreciate knitted gifts

b. Cannot be trusted with knitted gifts, or

c. I don’t like enough to knit something for.

Surprisingly though, there were very few booths at the market that were selling genuine handmade items – a lot of booths had imported goods from other countries – or were company representatives selling their wares. We managed to find 1 awesome gift for my step-father (a full leather beer holster. Oh yes.), I bought myself an early birthday present of a lovely handmade necklace, and……yak yarn.

Oh yes, you heard me. Yak yarn.

I’ve never encountered pure yak yarn before. This yarn was made by The Rocking Yak, a company who exports yarn, fibre, and handmade knit goods from communities in Tibet where all of the above are spun, gathered or made by local women. How could I resist? Also, have you ever felt pure yak down? The only thing softer in this world is a duckling. And even then, the yak may give the duckling a run for its money.

So with help from my friend who was there for the yak buying, I’ve decided on the Casu Cowl:

It seems like the perfect thing to knit with yak: it’ll be cozy around my neck, and it’s simple but not terribly simple, but not so detailed that it’ll get washed out by the fuzziness of the yak. Plus I think it’ll be a great airplane project…unless I give in and crank it out before Christmas Eve.

Patience, Toria! Patience!

The Happiest Day of the Year

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