Sherlock Lives

It’s finished. Oh yes.

I wish I could explain why I am so thoroughly pleased with the fact that I am currently wearing a completely finished #SherlockLives Cardi, especially considering it was one of my quicker sweater projects. I think part of it is that throughout the entire making process I kept wavering on my colour choices. Was there enough contrast? Do I actually look good in mint? Why didn’t I go for the purple and sweatshirt grey? I totally could have gotten over my sweatshirt grey prejudice, couldn’t I? Why was I so set on using Chickadee for the contrast colour?

But as soon as it was done and I had it on, I knew: damn straight this is brilliant. I love the dark navy on the mint. And holy Moses, is the Cascade 220 Superwash Sport soft! (Definitely very splitty when knitting it, but still soft!)

The mods I made to the pattern were relatively simple; after the colourwork section on the sleeves I didn’t do any increases (I have skinny arms apparently) and in the armpit decreases I just made sure to add back the stitches on the last row so it would equal out to one less yoke repeat. And surprisingly, it all worked!

One thing I would do differently next time though is add more stitches to the fronts because although I can button up the buttons, I definitely shouldn’t….unless I want to pop one. Seriously.


Sherlock Lives

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