Birthday Resolutions

Do you ever have those ages that for some reason call out to you that something exciting will happen that year?

“16 will be the best year ever!”

“23 I KNOW something exciting will happen! I can feel it!”

For me, those years were 16 (driving privileges, vroom vroom), 19 (drinking privileges, shots shots), 24, and 27.

Yesterday I turned 27 years old and while I barely feel any different, there is a sneaking suspicion within me that says, “keep your eyes open, kid. It’s gonna get good.”

And so I decided that it might be time to make some birthday resolutions:

  1. When in doubt, knit it out.
  2. Keep it positive, so positive things will kick the negatives’ asses
  3. Be someone that will make others exclaim, “that girl’s got gumption! Hoo-ee!”
  4. Finish husband’s cardigan (he deserves it)
  5. Find my motivation

On a final note, I finished a quick, project called Forest Stroll in Ella Rae Mega. I always forget how satisfying super bulky knits are, and how much I love seeing stitches blown up to ginormous scale. 1 stitch per inch? Yes, please!


I wore this comfortably with my fall jacket all day yesterday at the mall and didn’t overheat once; ah, the joys of pure wool.


Birthday Resolutions

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