New Year, Same Ol’Me

Happy New Year! Happy Orthodox Christmas! Happy Everything!

The holiday season has flown by for me – I spent the last two weeks in my home-town visiting the apparent multitudes of friends and families that both Husband and I share (ah, married life where “what’s your is mine, and mine is yours” extends into relationships as well) and now I’m back at work and I’m still exhausted. It doesn’t help that a new year means loads of updating administration work, and none of my minions feel for my exhaustion at all. Spoil sports!

But the end of the holiday season, also means I can start being selfish again, and finish up and start (without any guilt!) projects for myself! Hurrah! And boy, do I have some ideas.

I unfortunately don’t have many pictures of the finished Christmas gifts/only pictures of them on small children whom I don’t have permission to post pictures of. So please enjoy a picture of my obviously enthusiastic Dad wearing his new “Fuck It” hat.

New Year, Same Ol’Me

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