Back to the Grind

So as I mentioned in my last blog post, I/we went on vacation. It was fantastic. Want to see?

We traveled all over southern Florida – from Orlando to Key West – and got to spend a couple days in the Bahamas. It was pretty awesome. Because of our itinerary that meant we had a lot of car time, which of course meant knitting time! I’m pretty happy with myself since I managed to finish The Hubby Hat  that I mentioned in my last post (!!!) and Husband loves it; he’s already tested it out today while cross country skiing.IMG_2666

And I managed to work on my Socks for the Deputy Headmistress. I sadly had to rip back the cuff and leg I had started though. The called for 72 stitches seemed way too big for my leg (and I have decent sized calves) and I had been skeptical from the get-go as I don’t think I’ve ever cast on socks with anything more than 65 stitches. So I ripped back and cast on again with 60 stitches instead, and this seems a LOT better.


Sadly I didn’t get to work on them while I was at Harry Potter World, because everyone mocked me when we were getting ready to go. And honestly, I wouldn’t have had time anyways! We seemed to hit Universal at a fantastic time and never had to wait more than maybe 10 minutes for any ride. It was ridiculous and wonderful.

Now that we’ve been home for a week though, and I’m finally feeling back up to snuff (our flight[s] back made it so we only got maybe 3 hours of sleep over 24 hours and when I’m lacking on sleep, I become a very, very grumpy and sick bumpkin), I’ve managed to finish and wear my Pierrot vest (I love it).


I’ve also finished the front of my I Heart Aran sweater and am now on the first sleeve (gooooood, sleeeeeeeeeves), discovered that I’ve been knitting two right fronts for Kyle’s cardigan (go me), and finally decided on a blanket pattern for an upcoming wedding present. But more on all that later.


Back to the Grind

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