A Game of The Chicken or the Egg

Over the last couple days I’ve been dreaming of designs, but more specifically of cables. I think it was spurred on by KnitPicks new collection, Celtic Knits, which features a beautiful cardigan, Dealla, that I adore – except for the medallion on the back.

Do I really want to try to knit the pattern without the medallion? Maybe not. And so since then a pattern similar to Dealla, but of my own creation has been playing in my head. Swirling cables with loops and chains and of Celty goodness. How hard could it be to design your own cable, I ask myself as I daydream at a boring Teacher’s Convention.

Today I actuall sat down to try and start designing this cable running through my brain (after, I might add, about 4 hours of having to rework sleeve caps on my I Heart Aran Pullover since the sleeves and body didn’t want to seam into anything except horns) and after doing some sketching I started to wonder, “ok, I have the general idea. But what comes first: the chart or the swatch?”

I’ll admit: I rarely design my own patterns. Something simple I can wing, sure. At the already mentioned boring Teacher’s Convention, I ended up whipping out a pair of fingerless mitts to match the hat I had finished on my commute there sans pattern. But a cable? Nope.

“How hard could it be to chart a cable?” I thought naively.

Wrong. Now as I sit with my sketch and idea, I’m starting to think it’s better to swatch first and chart later.

So now I’m asking to my fellow knitters: what comes first the chart or the swatch?

A Game of The Chicken or the Egg

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