Lace and Things

Last summer I started a pretty big project, at least for me: The Dew Drops Shawl in Darn Good Yarn’s Lace Weight Silk/Silk Cloud. I almost never work projects in lace weight, or lace in general. Little bits of lace in sweaters or mitts, yes. Easy 2-4 line repeats of lace, yes. Like the lace edging on the Burlesque Shawl I’ve been working on (on a side note, last night my friend D. was asking me why I had taken so long in the car, to which I replied my lace count had been off and I wanted to fix it before I came inside. “Lace!?!” he exclaimed, “You can knit LACE?!?! Like LINGERIE LACE?!?!” which then led into a conversation about the making of lace and how it was made. I’ve never seen D. so interested in my knitting before. hehehe). Every line is the same, just positioned in a little zig zag over each other.

Burlesque in RainCityKnits High Twist DK in Wasabi and unnamed blue 

But big, hundreds of stitches, itty bitty little bits of lace, no. I find lace knitting beautiful and skillful, but tedious and annoying.

I love it, and desperately wish someone would knit me a beautiful lace shawl – I just don’t want to knit it myself.

So when I picked the shawl back up after months, and was able to complete almost a full chart with no errors, I was pretty damn proud of myself.


And now I’m almost to the last chart and I’m even more proud. I had originally thought of gifting this shawl when it was done (I’m not a huge fan of the play of the colours) except I wouldn’t be surprised if by the time it’s done, I won’t want to be separated from it.

do know, however, that if I do end up gifting it, whoever receives it will be given a full list of instructions how to care for it and what will happen if I find out it isn’t being treated properly.






Lace and Things

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