Falling in Love Again

Every knitter has been there: where you spot a pattern and all of a sudden you’re consumed with a yarny lust and knitterly love that just demands that you knit this right now.

This happens to me on quite a frequent basis. This morning, it happened to be this beauty:

Floral Jumper by Patons UK in a 1949 edition of Stitchcraft magazine. My boss found a couple copies in a store, loving vintage patterns herself, and decided I needed this pattern. Oh man, I love it that my boss knows me so well. We’ve even been sneakily talking about dashing to the closest yarn store on our lunch but shhhhhh don’t tell!

I love vintage patterns. I don’t knit them often, but there are a few/many/all that have stolen my heart. The simplicity of the patterns (I swear, the size of the book wasn’t even 8 and a half x 11, but still this pattern only took a page and a wee box on another page) always fills me with hope that, “hey! This’ll be easy!” even though it’s a twin set knit in fingering weight on a mysterious size 13 needle (based on a Raveller who also knit this, it seems to be, roughly, a 3.25mm. Duh.).

Anyways, I am now dreaming of the colour choices and options that I may or may not have at home (I definitly do not have enough to be the MC at home) so ,sadly (hehehe!) to the yarn store I will have to go. I’m hoping to find something lovely that would match the leftover seaglass Sweet Fibre sock I have at home. Maybe it’s finally time for me to splurge on some tosh sock!? Oh gosh, the possibilities are endless!

If you love vintage patterns like me, there are lots of resources online. However, right now my fav is Subversive Femme‘s website. I pretty much want to knit all the patterns she has linked. Le sigh!

Falling in Love Again

Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a bit obsessive about queuing things up on Ravelry. I’m pretty sure my queue is actually past 400 patterns (eek!) and growing constantly. Queuing items, for me, helps me remember what patterns I’d like to do once I’m finished the ones I’m already working on, keeps gift ideas in the back of my mind, and is a handy place to keep all my favourite projects together for those frivolous days at the yarn shop when I find an extra-squishy ball of wool that demands to be taken home.

And so, since it’s a slow day at work (work on Good Friday, you may be saying, seriously? Yes, seriously) I’d like to bestow upon you guys some of my favourite future-to-do free (!!!) patterns in my queue for anyone looking for yarnspiration.

  1. Campside by Alicia Plummer

Knit in DK, I’ve been eyeing this baby for what feels like eons, but my dread of large shawls always outweighs my love of them. One day I will take the plunge.

2. Squircle by General Hogbuffer

There are 2 reasons why this is on my list: one is that it’s an innovative heel flap and two is that the name itself reminds me of what we used to call “squirrels” to our old dog. I’d love to try this in the colour patterns they’ve done!

3. Delft by RachSøgaardel 

How is this even a free pattern? The only thing keeping me from knitting this is a lack of a sewing machine for steeks and a lack of faith in my hand-stitching/crochet skills.

4. Winchester Plaid, Anti-Posession Mittens by Kat Lewinski

Whether you’re a Supernatural fan or not (but you should be) these mittens will keep you warm and toasty and are PLAID! How can you say no?

5. Venezia Glamour Shawl by Cheryl Beckerich

I love the idea of shawls knit in bulkier weights rather than traditional lace. So warm and cozy, it’s like wearing a mini blanket around your shoulders!

6. Father Cables by Veronica Jobe

I love a good unisex cabled hat. This hat will be creeping its way onto my list for future Christmas knits after an unfortunate incident last Christmas that involved a family member whose head ended up being a lot bigger than anticipated….

7. Conversationalist by Plucky Knitter Designs

This hat would be great for leftover balls of yarn and the colour choices are endless! Can you imagine a whole set for a family in coordinating colours!?!

8. Viaduct by Beata Jezek

Again, another shawl that I’ve been eyeing for eons but am afraid to start. But what a beauty project this would be when finished! And speaking of more shawls I’m afraid to start…

9. Outline by Beata Jezek

I think this is a fantastic idea for a pattern: it comes with a variation for full skeins of fingering, or for using leftovers. Brilliant!

10. Minetta by Kirsten Kapur

Minetta is a super classic cardigan knit in fingering that I could see becoming a perfect work and everyday staple. And think about how many colours this would be perfect in!

Well lovelies, there are ten of my four hundred and something queued patterns. Do you have any patterns that have been queued forever that you’re dying to do?

Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit

Knuggles Think They’re So Funny.

Forewarning I am a bit grumpy today which will be my excuse for the following grumpy post, however, I’m sure that all knitters will commiserate with me on the topic at hand:

Knuggles* think that they’re soooooooooooooooo funny. You will never hear another knitter say to you

“What are you knitting now? A sock? Only one? What about the other one?? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR”


“Only one sleeve**? So are you going to make another one or is this sweater only meant to have one sleeve? HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR”

My general response (when I’m in a good mood) is: well, I can only knit one at a time (a lie but knuggles get confused when introduced to too much knitting in one go), or I smile and fake a chuckle.

I don’t know why knuggles think these jokes are so funny, or why they insist on continuing to make them. To me, knitting jokes like this are the equivalent to calling me an old lady because I’m knitting, especially when they’ll turn around the next day and expect me to knit them something.

Am I the only knitter to get frustrated by these jokes? Am I too sensitive about my yarn? Too impatient with those who know nothing, Jon Snow?

Maybe, maybe not. I’m going to go with not but what do you guys think?

*The/my definition of the (made-up) word knuggle being a non-knitter. Like a muggle but in the yarn world rather than the magical one.

** The sleeve in question was the last sleeve on Husband’s sweater (I’m 1/4 of the way through!) from a male co-worker who wasn’t aware he was treading on thin ice with a hormonal knitter

Knuggles Think They’re So Funny.

The Squishiness That is Baby Knits

Have I ever talked about how much I love baby knits? Because I do. One part of me thinks it’s ridiculous to spend so much time on an article of clothing that may not get worn very often (or at all), and another part of me just wants to throw as much knitted cuteness as I can at every baby.

lazy daisies

This was a spur of the moment knit (seriously, I knit this bad boy within a couple days). The Lazy Daisies Sweater by Anna & Heidi Pickles; I’ve knit the matching turban before, which is equally, if not more, adorable, and wanted to give the sweater a go since I’ve got lots of half balls of DK and sport weight yarn. Spoiler surprise! The blue Drops Alpakka yarn I thought was DK was actually sport weight! Whoops! Luckily it matched gauge so who cares. I also used some of my leftover Indigo Dragonfly “Daleks Don’t Give Out Pink Slips” and white Woolly. Of course, I overestimated how much of the Drops Alpakka I had, but I personally like the striped effect going on. I would definitely knit this pattern again as the daisy stitch is addicting and has so many colour opportunities.

And for those of you wondering, yes, this is ending up in my own personal stash of completed baby knits, but no, I’m not pregnant. However, I do have a couple friends who are and they’re the reason I’ve been thrown into a baby knitting kick. This cardi just happened to be too cute for me to bear to part with 😉

I’ve also cast on a Garter Stitch Baby Kimono by Joji Locatelli for one of those friends with a fingering yarn I bought at Never Not Knitting in Port Perry, Ontario specially dyed only for that store in a beautiful grey colourway called “Scucog’s October Skies” which I thought was only fitting for my friend as she is due in October. So far the yarn is beautiful and the garter stitch is beautiful (something about garter stitch in fingering weight makes me all dreamy-like) but holy smokes is it a long knit for a baby sweater – mostly because it’s a wrap-around and not your traditional cardigan.

And I still have at least two other baby knits I’m itching to cast on for. I’ll admit I’m going a little bit overboard for these soon-to-be babes. Remember how I said about throwing as many knits as I can at babies? Yup, in that phase right now. Oh dear me.

In non-baby knits news, I’ve completed one of the sleeves for Husband’s cardigan and started the second. Hurrah for me! If I can bust through the second sleeve before April gets here, I’ll be a happy knitter and the best wife ever.

The Squishiness That is Baby Knits

The Burden of Knitting For Men

Now already, some if not a lot of you are going, “HEY! Knitting for the men in my life isn’t a BURDEN! You crazy, lady.” And yes, I will agree with you on that; I love knitting hats and the occasional mitten (oh yes, I have men in my life over the age of 5 who have requested mittens from me. It’s wonderful) and other accessories, I even once upon a time knit darling Husband a sweater and pair of socks – both of which he doesn’t wear (le sigh). And it’s because of that unworn sweater that I started knitting Husband a cardigan (because apparently he has decided he doesn’t do pullovers, only cardigans), specifically the Atwood Cardigan from the Knit Picks Heritage Collection.

I came to realize just how LARGE he is compared to me. (Note: my husband is not a large man; I’m still only knitting the smallest size listed for this pattern)

But seriously! Dear lord, it’s 17″ of straight knitting just to the armpits (and even longer for the sleeves!), in the same repetitive pattern, in a boring solid navy – not a nice, slightly variegated navy, but a boring, solid as a brick navy. It’s like scarf knitting all over again.

Luckily, I’ve seemed to hit a sweet spot in the sleeves: an increase row every 5 rows. Enough where I can knit straight until I get frustrated, then I increase and have to recalculate the pattern repeats. Except I got into such a sweet spot that now I’m 2 increases away from straight knitting again. Lord, the sleeve cap can’t come quick enough.

The worst part? Already I have other sweater patterns for Kyle dancing in my head. What is the matter with me!?

The Burden of Knitting For Men

Some Finished Projects

I’m not going to type much for this post because, well, I just want to show off some of the projects I’ve finished lately and FINALLY got a chance to take some proper photos of.

Burlesque Shawl in RainCityKnits DK (this one is all for meeeee!). Super easy and quick. I can see myself making another one of these for a present, and the RainCityKnits is suuuuuper soft and cuddly.

Dewdrops Shawl in Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk. I’m 99.9% sure this’ll be heading to the Christmas pile; I’m not a huge, huge fan of the the colour variegation pattern and know a couple people who would.

Kaide in Peruvia Quick. I finished this in just over a week and it’s perfect for spring in Calgary – super warm but lightweight all at the same time (aaah, the joys of pure wool). All that’s missing from it is the buckles

Caldwell Pullover in Spud & Chloe Sweater. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the perfect project for this yarn and this pattern fit the bill (even with the slightly weird sleeves). I think this is going to become a springtime work staple.

DSC03873Painted Ridges Hat in Ancient Arts Fiber Meow Collection (and furry red pom pom). This pattern is designed specifically for variegated yarns, and it totally fit the bill. Kyle keeps telling me he really likes the “camo-ness” of the yarn, which I think is a hint that someone else wants a hat in this colourway!

Some Finished Projects

Knitting Selfies

I am discovering very quickly that selfies are not the greatest for documenting knits.


Because even though I look great, all you can see is my shoulders (in my newly blocked Caldwell Pullover knit in Spud and Chloe Sweater), an unfortunate angle when I try to fit everything into one frame (I’m not showing you a photo example of that), or it’s me in my bathroom because it’s the only place with the best light and best mirror that can usually fit everything in.

Yup. I don’t know if knitting and selfies really go together. At least when you’re trying to show off finished projects. I’m hoping though that now that spring is here, the light will be lasting longer in the evening (in Alberta in July the sun doesn’t fully set until close to 11pm!) which means that I’ll be able to coerce Husband into taking more shots of me in knitting. Dinner and a knitwear photo shoot. A walk in the park to capture the knitting in its natural habitat. Milkshakes and yarnscapades. I like it.


Knitting Selfies

Ah, sweet finished project of life.

Guys! I’ve been such a good knitter lately! Not only have I finished my Burlesque shawl (which I love)….

it’s knit in RainCityKnits High Twist DK in wasabi and unnamed blue. Super duper soft and cuddly. I’ve already worn it to work once this week and I think I may wear it again tomorrow after almost freezing to death without it today.


I also scored some mad yarn deal’s at Stash Needle Lounge’s End of the Line Sale. This means I grabbed some Sweet Georgia Six (which I didn’t realize was a bulky weight! Oops! But don’t worry, I still have plans for yoooou), a whole bunch of llama yarn (enough to make a Mucha Cardigan and possibly a cowl), glow in the dark needles (eeeeeeeeee!!!), and enough Peruvia Quick to start Kaide by Norah Gaughan.

I started Kaide on Saturday – it’s now Wednesday and I’ve finished the back, left front and have started the ribbing on the right front. I’m obsessed and loving it. It will be done before spring is officially here!

I’ve discovered the joys of Peruvia Quick and I’m in love. It’s squishy and bulky but super light all at the same time. Kyle did not seem to find it as soft as I did, but I know my skin is (surprisingly) a lot tougher than boo muffin’s silky skin.

The best part though? I finally finished my Dew Drops Shawl AND blocked it. It’s now dry and awaiting pictures to be taken. I won’t lie, even though I’m super proud and love it, I think it may be the first knit to be put in the Christmas 2016 pile! Share the knits, share the love.

Since I don’t have a picture of it yet, please enjoy this picture of my cat being super adorable.


Ah, sweet finished project of life.