Ah, sweet finished project of life.

Guys! I’ve been such a good knitter lately! Not only have I finished my Burlesque shawl (which I love)….

it’s knit in RainCityKnits High Twist DK in wasabi and unnamed blue. Super duper soft and cuddly. I’ve already worn it to work once this week and I think I may wear it again tomorrow after almost freezing to death without it today.


I also scored some mad yarn deal’s at Stash Needle Lounge’s End of the Line Sale. This means I grabbed some Sweet Georgia Six (which I didn’t realize was a bulky weight! Oops! But don’t worry, I still have plans for yoooou), a whole bunch of llama yarn (enough to make a Mucha Cardigan and possibly a cowl), glow in the dark needles (eeeeeeeeee!!!), and enough Peruvia Quick to start Kaide by Norah Gaughan.

I started Kaide on Saturday – it’s now Wednesday and I’ve finished the back, left front and have started the ribbing on the right front. I’m obsessed and loving it. It will be done before spring is officially here!

I’ve discovered the joys of Peruvia Quick and I’m in love. It’s squishy and bulky but super light all at the same time. Kyle did not seem to find it as soft as I did, but I know my skin is (surprisingly) a lot tougher than boo muffin’s silky skin.

The best part though? I finally finished my Dew Drops Shawl AND blocked it. It’s now dry and awaiting pictures to be taken. I won’t lie, even though I’m super proud and love it, I think it may be the first knit to be put in the Christmas 2016 pile! Share the knits, share the love.

Since I don’t have a picture of it yet, please enjoy this picture of my cat being super adorable.


Ah, sweet finished project of life.

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