Knitting Selfies

I am discovering very quickly that selfies are not the greatest for documenting knits.


Because even though I look great, all you can see is my shoulders (in my newly blocked Caldwell Pullover knit in Spud and Chloe Sweater), an unfortunate angle when I try to fit everything into one frame (I’m not showing you a photo example of that), or it’s me in my bathroom because it’s the only place with the best light and best mirror that can usually fit everything in.

Yup. I don’t know if knitting and selfies really go together. At least when you’re trying to show off finished projects. I’m hoping though that now that spring is here, the light will be lasting longer in the evening (in Alberta in July the sun doesn’t fully set until close to 11pm!) which means that I’ll be able to coerce Husband into taking more shots of me in knitting. Dinner and a knitwear photo shoot. A walk in the park to capture the knitting in its natural habitat. Milkshakes and yarnscapades. I like it.


Knitting Selfies

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