Some Finished Projects

I’m not going to type much for this post because, well, I just want to show off some of the projects I’ve finished lately and FINALLY got a chance to take some proper photos of.

Burlesque Shawl in RainCityKnits DK (this one is all for meeeee!). Super easy and quick. I can see myself making another one of these for a present, and the RainCityKnits is suuuuuper soft and cuddly.

Dewdrops Shawl in Darn Good Yarn Lace Weight Silk. I’m 99.9% sure this’ll be heading to the Christmas pile; I’m not a huge, huge fan of the the colour variegation pattern and know a couple people who would.

Kaide in Peruvia Quick. I finished this in just over a week and it’s perfect for spring in Calgary – super warm but lightweight all at the same time (aaah, the joys of pure wool). All that’s missing from it is the buckles

Caldwell Pullover in Spud & Chloe Sweater. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the perfect project for this yarn and this pattern fit the bill (even with the slightly weird sleeves). I think this is going to become a springtime work staple.

DSC03873Painted Ridges Hat in Ancient Arts Fiber Meow Collection (and furry red pom pom). This pattern is designed specifically for variegated yarns, and it totally fit the bill. Kyle keeps telling me he really likes the “camo-ness” of the yarn, which I think is a hint that someone else wants a hat in this colourway!

Some Finished Projects

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