The Burden of Knitting For Men

Now already, some if not a lot of you are going, “HEY! Knitting for the men in my life isn’t a BURDEN! You crazy, lady.” And yes, I will agree with you on that; I love knitting hats and the occasional mitten (oh yes, I have men in my life over the age of 5 who have requested mittens from me. It’s wonderful) and other accessories, I even once upon a time knit darling Husband a sweater and pair of socks – both of which he doesn’t wear (le sigh). And it’s because of that unworn sweater that I started knitting Husband a cardigan (because apparently he has decided he doesn’t do pullovers, only cardigans), specifically the Atwood Cardigan from the Knit Picks Heritage Collection.

I came to realize just how LARGE he is compared to me. (Note: my husband is not a large man; I’m still only knitting the smallest size listed for this pattern)

But seriously! Dear lord, it’s 17″ of straight knitting just to the armpits (and even longer for the sleeves!), in the same repetitive pattern, in a boring solid navy – not a nice, slightly variegated navy, but a boring, solid as a brick navy. It’s like scarf knitting all over again.

Luckily, I’ve seemed to hit a sweet spot in the sleeves: an increase row every 5 rows. Enough where I can knit straight until I get frustrated, then I increase and have to recalculate the pattern repeats. Except I got into such a sweet spot that now I’m 2 increases away from straight knitting again. Lord, the sleeve cap can’t come quick enough.

The worst part? Already I have other sweater patterns for Kyle dancing in my head. What is the matter with me!?

The Burden of Knitting For Men

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