Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a bit obsessive about queuing things up on Ravelry. I’m pretty sure my queue is actually past 400 patterns (eek!) and growing constantly. Queuing items, for me, helps me remember what patterns I’d like to do once I’m finished the ones I’m already working on, keeps gift ideas in the back of my mind, and is a handy place to keep all my favourite projects together for those frivolous days at the yarn shop when I find an extra-squishy ball of wool that demands to be taken home.

And so, since it’s a slow day at work (work on Good Friday, you may be saying, seriously? Yes, seriously) I’d like to bestow upon you guys some of my favourite future-to-do free (!!!) patterns in my queue for anyone looking for yarnspiration.

  1. Campside by Alicia Plummer

Knit in DK, I’ve been eyeing this baby for what feels like eons, but my dread of large shawls always outweighs my love of them. One day I will take the plunge.

2. Squircle by General Hogbuffer

There are 2 reasons why this is on my list: one is that it’s an innovative heel flap and two is that the name itself reminds me of what we used to call “squirrels” to our old dog. I’d love to try this in the colour patterns they’ve done!

3. Delft by RachSøgaardel 

How is this even a free pattern? The only thing keeping me from knitting this is a lack of a sewing machine for steeks and a lack of faith in my hand-stitching/crochet skills.

4. Winchester Plaid, Anti-Posession Mittens by Kat Lewinski

Whether you’re a Supernatural fan or not (but you should be) these mittens will keep you warm and toasty and are PLAID! How can you say no?

5. Venezia Glamour Shawl by Cheryl Beckerich

I love the idea of shawls knit in bulkier weights rather than traditional lace. So warm and cozy, it’s like wearing a mini blanket around your shoulders!

6. Father Cables by Veronica Jobe

I love a good unisex cabled hat. This hat will be creeping its way onto my list for future Christmas knits after an unfortunate incident last Christmas that involved a family member whose head ended up being a lot bigger than anticipated….

7. Conversationalist by Plucky Knitter Designs

This hat would be great for leftover balls of yarn and the colour choices are endless! Can you imagine a whole set for a family in coordinating colours!?!

8. Viaduct by Beata Jezek

Again, another shawl that I’ve been eyeing for eons but am afraid to start. But what a beauty project this would be when finished! And speaking of more shawls I’m afraid to start…

9. Outline by Beata Jezek

I think this is a fantastic idea for a pattern: it comes with a variation for full skeins of fingering, or for using leftovers. Brilliant!

10. Minetta by Kirsten Kapur

Minetta is a super classic cardigan knit in fingering that I could see becoming a perfect work and everyday staple. And think about how many colours this would be perfect in!

Well lovelies, there are ten of my four hundred and something queued patterns. Do you have any patterns that have been queued forever that you’re dying to do?

Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit

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