Two Left Feet

It’s been almost a week since I cast on for a pair of “Soul Socks” but I have to tell you, my soul must have been in need because I finished the first one within a day of casting on.


I’m so pleasantly pleased and happy with my first “original pattern”. However, there are some members of the family who don’t seem to truly appreciate my skill….or knitting photo shoots.


How rude.


Regardless, the sock fits my foot to a tee, which is great. I always get a little bit nervous with after-thought heels that they may not be going in the right place. I was 98% sure based on trying on the sock, but to double-check I measured the length of my foot to the ball of my heel, then measured to the same length on the sole of the (flattened) sock and picked up stitches there for the afterthought heel. And you know what? It was perfect.

In other footy news, a new baby has joined our clan, a wee little boy who has joined a gaggle of girls and whom I unfortunately won’t get to snuggle until June (boo-urns). But to celebrate, I whipped up a pair of Purl Soho’s Baby Moccasins because,well, c’mon. Look how cute they are:

Knit in scraps of Cascade 220, and Berroco Vintage. I misread the pattern and thought it called for worsted, not sport weight, but they still seem to essentially come out to gauge!

Poor husband had to deal with me waving them around at him last night as each step got completed, cooing over how tiny and precious they were (how could I not?!). And now I’m determined to make many pairs of these for all my other expecting friends. They legitimately took me maybe an hour to make a set, including the duplicate stitch and end weaving in.

A pro tip though for anyone wanting to make these: do the duplicate stitch once the tops are done, rather than at the end. These things are appropriately tiny, and even with MY tiny hands, I don’t know if I’d be able to wrangle duplicate stitch on these once the bottoms are complete.

Two Left Feet

Soul Sock

The last couple days I’ve been feeling really antsy with my WIPs – I think that it’s mostly because they all seem like they’re taking forever to complete, or require a fair bit of attention. I was getting desperate. I was tired of working on sweaters, or blankets and projects that seemed to drag on and on. And since I had just bought a new anti-cat yarn storage system that day to house my fingering yarn, all I wanted was to cast on something in fingering.

Anti-cat yarn storage device. Poor Jasper.

I thought about casting on a Sockhead Slouch Hat after seeing my friend, LT’s, completed Sockhead hat on her blog, I was extra desperate and knew exactly what yarn I wanted to use (helloooooo Seattle-bought yarn, I’m looking at you!) but then I thought, “I’m already knitting a stockinette hat that is draining me. Maybe I should wait until June when it would make excellent airplane knitting…”

And so I made the drastic decision to cast on a new sock.

You might be thinking, “but weren’t you already working on a pair of socks?” And yes, yes I am on the second sock of a pair, which is coming along nicely (thanks for asking!) but they still require a decent bit of attention as I’ll be coming up to the heel soon which’ll require turning. And while I admit I do enjoy a good heel turning, that’s not what I needed right now. No, what I needed was, what I like to call, a soul sock.

Soul Sock 2
Yarn is Opal Hundertwasser in the Winterbild Polyp Wintergeist colourway

And already my soul feels lighter. I’m not using a pattern, just notes in my head of what generally happens when I knit a sock toe-up and I’ll be adding after-thought heels at the end so that I can just keep going and going. They’re in plain, vanilla stockinette stitch but because of the colourway this still keeps it interesting to knit. I forgot how much I love variegated sock yarns.

So I’ll be spending the day knitting and finishing reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Ta darlings.


Soul Sock

Happy Campers All Around

Guys, you can’t tell from the picture below because I forgot to take a recent picture but one of the sides of my Floral Jumper is done!


I’m so utterly excited and delighted and ready and willing to start the second half…..if only I wasn’t so not looking forward to the band of moss stitch at the bottom. Moss stitch in fingering weight is a tedious, tedious thing. Which is sad for me because I LOVE the look of moss stitch; to me it’s one of the greatest “plain” stitches you can do and I love it to bits. Just not when I have to do it in fingering. Blergh.

However, since the weather in Calgary lately has become almost summer-like (it’s supposed to get up to 28 degrees Celsius today!) I will tromp through that moss stitch border like nobody’s business just so I can wear that jumper at least once before there’s a risk of boiling in it. Luckily my newly renovated office (I’m finally back in my own office!!!) is quite heavily a/c’d and so boiling to death right now is not an option.

And speaking of boiling to death, remember how I moaned and groaned about men’s knitwear? Yeah, I’ve already ordered new yarn for another cardigan for Husband. Jared Flood’s Timberline pattern.

Because really, how can you say no to a Brooklyn Tweed pattern? You can’t. It’s impossible. Just look at those cables! Swoon. Luckily for me, Husband doesn’t expect this to be finished until the fall (phew). Not that he’d really be able to be able to wear it until then anyways…

Happy Campers All Around

A Tired Knitter

I wish I had better news, but my news are more shocking in the fact that this week almost every night I’ve gotten home, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t even wanted to knit. I know, it’s truly shocking. As someone who knits all the freakin’ time, the fact that I’ve been too tired to knit has shocked more than one person. I’m pretty sure even my cats were shocked.

Regardless of tiredness, I have made progress on my Floral Jumper (I’ve completed one full flower repeat!), which I’m pretty proud about. I haven’t really worked with intarsia much, and this pattern is a bit of a weird combination of intarsia and fair isle since you just carry the main colour across the whole row rather than starting a new bobbin so I’m finding myself mixing techniques.

I’ve also cast on for my second Bow Ties are Cool socks that will be a present for my mum.


I’m desperate to get these done (such an easy pattern and so easy to do on 9″ circulars!) mostly just so I can start a new pair with the Ancient Arts Fibre sock in Three Valley Gap that I bought on a whim; not only that but I still have a skein of Regia sock that is calling to be knit as well.

I’m finding lately that when it comes to socks I want patterns that are easy enough to memorize quickly and are semi-plain than fancy. I love a good travel-worthy sock.

Do you have any favourite sock patterns?

A Tired Knitter