Soul Sock

The last couple days I’ve been feeling really antsy with my WIPs – I think that it’s mostly because they all seem like they’re taking forever to complete, or require a fair bit of attention. I was getting desperate. I was tired of working on sweaters, or blankets and projects that seemed to drag on and on. And since I had just bought a new anti-cat yarn storage system that day to house my fingering yarn, all I wanted was to cast on something in fingering.

Anti-cat yarn storage device. Poor Jasper.

I thought about casting on a Sockhead Slouch Hat after seeing my friend, LT’s, completed Sockhead hat on her blog, I was extra desperate and knew exactly what yarn I wanted to use (helloooooo Seattle-bought yarn, I’m looking at you!) but then I thought, “I’m already knitting a stockinette hat that is draining me. Maybe I should wait until June when it would make excellent airplane knitting…”

And so I made the drastic decision to cast on a new sock.

You might be thinking, “but weren’t you already working on a pair of socks?” And yes, yes I am on the second sock of a pair, which is coming along nicely (thanks for asking!) but they still require a decent bit of attention as I’ll be coming up to the heel soon which’ll require turning. And while I admit I do enjoy a good heel turning, that’s not what I needed right now. No, what I needed was, what I like to call, a soul sock.

Soul Sock 2
Yarn is Opal Hundertwasser in the Winterbild Polyp Wintergeist colourway

And already my soul feels lighter. I’m not using a pattern, just notes in my head of what generally happens when I knit a sock toe-up and I’ll be adding after-thought heels at the end so that I can just keep going and going. They’re in plain, vanilla stockinette stitch but because of the colourway this still keeps it interesting to knit. I forgot how much I love variegated sock yarns.

So I’ll be spending the day knitting and finishing reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

Ta darlings.


Soul Sock

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