May I Formally Introduce…


Today Husband and I took a quick little breather to have a mini-photo shoot outside.

Boxy by Joji Locatelli in Malabrigo Mechita “Plomo”

I’m pretty much in love with this sweater, so did my boss who gently suggested that I should share the pattern with her. This sweater is so cozy with the Mechita, but so light all at the same time. I have a feeling that this sweater is going to get a LOT of wear.

As for sweaters that won’t get a lot of wear….until the fall….I’m almost done my first Timerline sleeve!


Husband is going to have a hard time keeping me from borrowing this sweater once it’s done.

May I Formally Introduce…

May 2-4

If you’re from Ontario,the phrase “May 2-4 Weekend” in commonplace (unless you’re my grandfather, that is. Yeesh.) and I had to learn the hard way when I moved to Alberta that if you refer to the May Long Weekend as “May 2-4” you will be laughed at. It’s true. Calgarians can be cruel.

Anyways, this last May 2-4 weekend, although very rainy and cold, did not stop the adventures.


With a couple of friends we trekked down to the Alberta Birds of Prey Foundation in Lethbridge, a sanctuary for hurt or abandoned birds, where you can feed ducks and hissy mama geese, hang out with some eagles, falcons, and my favourite – owls. We each could hold one of their owls who have imprinted on humans (key to owl-holding), and got to hang out with a unnamed owl baby who hangs out in the gift shop who I dubbed Harry Potter.

In actual knitting news, I finished my Boxy sweater! Wooo! It’s currently pinned and drying as I type.


I’m hoping that it stays a little bit on the cooler side this week, just long enough for me to wear this constantly. I’m excited to see how it fits after blocking, because when I tried it on pre-block, it was a little bit short for my liking (like an inch-ish) but then again it’s supposed to be a little bit on the short side and I have a penchant for long sweaters.

The Mechita though…oh, the Mechita! I want more of it in ALL THE COLOURS. I actually ended up with about 1 full skein and a quarter leftover from this (WOO!) and now I’m debating what it should become. A shawl? A baby sweater? A hat? So many options.

May 2-4

A Post About Yarn and Books

For anyone who doesn’t know me well, I am a bit list-maker. I love lists. I love making lists. I love reading lists. Maybe this is why I’m such a hardcore knitter, because what is a pattern other than a giant list of steps?

  1. After a couple days of non-knitting (I know..I know) I got back into the obsession last night. I blame my body adjusting to full-time at work; leaving me exhausted at the end of the day and wanting to do nothing but zone out on a book or The Sims. Oh yes, you heard me. I play The Sims.
  2. But last night I managed to rip through the neckline and essentially complete the right front of my Boxy sweater. This morning I finished that front off and started the left. I even brought it to work so that my lunchtime can be filled with Malabrigo-goodness.

The Malabrigo-goodness in question
3. A couple nights ago I finished reading The Table of Less Valued Knights by Marie Phillips, which was quite good, although not exactly what I was expecting, but in it there is a mousy runaway queen named Martha, whose favourite colour is brown because it suits her hair and is the colour of animal fur, but no one believes her because who would have brown as their favourite colour? I usually tend to concur with this statement, as there aren’t many browns out there that can woo me very well, and so when my boss told me this morning that the brown in my tunic suited me very well I didn’t know if it was an actual compliment or not.

4. I have also started reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman, which thus far is stuck in my head.

A Post About Yarn and Books

Have Knits: Will Travel

Yesterday I took one of my Soul Socks on an adventure to the Kananaskis, an awesome area in the mountains that everyone seems to forget about because they’re more concerned about heading to Banff instead, and it got a little fresh air and sunshine.


Husband may or may not have teased me a little bit in the morning when I asked him, “sock or baby sweater for some trail knitting?” but I like to think that deep down he enjoys my commitment to knitting while travelling.

I don’t know about you guys, but 99.9% of the time I will have a knitting project on me. Right now my always-in-my-purse project is the second sock to the Bow-ties are Cool socks I’ve been forever working on. It really comes in handy when I find myself in an unexpectedly long line-up, waiting for someone to show up, or just when I find myself at the end of my patience during my workday.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever taken knitting? Mine is definitely not the mountains. No, sir-ree bob… mine was Disney World.

Have Knits: Will Travel

no control at all

So remember in this blog post when I said that I had already ordered new yarn to make another new cardigan for Husband? Yeah. It arrived last night.

Timberline by Jared Flood in Ultra Alpaca’s Charcoal Mix
And because I, obviously, have no self-control, I immediately cast on. Now I’m addicted to this sleeve. Sleeves make the greatest swatches because it means that you can actually cast on and work on the actual project, but it’s not big enough that if you have to frog back that it’s the end of your knitterly mind, even if you did painstakingly do a tubular cast on….

Well, maybe not painstakingly, but definitely a wee bit fiddly and time-consuming. But the results? Hoo boy. Worth it. Combined with the Ultra Alpaca? Glorious.

On another note, I finally got a good picture of my Boxy sweater in progress.

Malabrigo featuring my forever messy desk
I just want to hug it and squeeze it and call it George. I am in such yarn bliss lately between these two projects. It’s all I can do not to just ignore life and work and knit my days away. Right now I’ve got both projects stashed in a bag under my desk (due to underground garage cleaning at my building, I had to leave extraordinarily early, so what better to do than knit at work?) and it’s taking all my restraint not to keep one or the other in my lap to do the occasional row. I may or may not have a knitting addiction.


no control at all

Not My Problem

Well. So much for self-control. Last week my cousin asked me if I wanted to do a knit-along of Joji Locatelli’s Boxy with her and my other cousin, and I love Joji’s patterns – adore them. After hemming and hawing for a few days I caved and went and hemmed and hawed over colourways of Malabrigo Mechita (I went for the Plomo colourway) which my cousins had already bought (the Mechita in general, not the Plomo; they picked Eggplant and Cielo y Tierra) .

#norestraint, #neverenoughyarn, #whatprojectsthatshouldbefinishedfirst?

Not even a week later I’m one skein in (aka 9 1/2″) and still going strong. Surprisingly considering it’s a helluva lot of stockinette (370 stitches per row!) in fingering weight, I’m chugging along quite nicely; I truly think it’s the Malabrigo that keeps me going.

Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be ready to split the front and back, and perhaps sooner rather than later I’ll have a new light sweater to wear in this shock of chilly weather we’ve been having. Or, you know, I could always push along on that Mucha Cardigan I’ve been working on…..oh Mucha.

Happy Tuesday!



Not My Problem

May the Fourth Be With You

I try not to post too often because, well,

a) I’d run out of things to say, and

b) you’d probably get tired of me.

But I’ve got two special reasons for posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW (whaaaaaat), and they are:

a) It’s May the Fourth. As in may the force be with you. As in Nerdy McNerderpants over here loves Star Wars references/jokes/puns/anything. Yup, I’m bringing the geek.

b) Last night I finally cast off my Drea’s Shawl, or as I’ve been calling it Toria’s Shawl because I feel a little bit awkward when people ask me who Drea is, and why she’s getting a shawl but they aren’t. True story.

knit in leftover Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock and RainCityKnits Superwash Merino

I’m especially happy with this shawl because all throughout knitting it I wavered on my colour choices (this seems to be a thing with me – colour wavering), wondering if they were contrasty enough to play well together, or if maybe I should have frogged that little-bit-too-small Koigu beret I made and used it instead of the Sweet Georgia so it looked more like the sample. But as soon as I cast off and put it on, I fell in love. Like hardcore I-just-want-to-stroke-you-even-when-I-should-let-you-block love.

Luckily, because it’s fingering and didn’t really need to be pinned, I let it dry on top of our laundry rack (thus increasing dry-ability) and by this morning she was ready to be worn.

I’ve never be happier to have an overly air-conditioned office just so I can wear a knit on this balmy May day. Seriously, it’s supposed to get up to 28 degrees Celsius today and I’m wearing a knit shawlette. This is how dedicated I am to my knitting (and in love).

And so with that, darlings, happy knitting and  May the Fourth be with you.


May the Fourth Be With You


Although I am currently a Calgarian, as some of you may or may not know, I’m originally from Ontario, just outside of Toronto. This means I grew up yelling for the Maple Leafs (I will admit I’m now a Calgary Flames fan; can you blame me?), the Blue Jays, the Raptors, the Toronto Rock….and the Argos.

Now, I’m not a sporting person by any means – the only time I could be called an sports enthusiast is when I’m actually at a game, or it’s quidditch. And football? Yeah, not my thing. However, it is most definitely my stepdad’s thing, and so after casting on a Hubby Hat for him (aka the same hat I knit Kyle) for a late birthday/Father’s Day present, the only reasonable thing to do was add on an Argos’ ‘A’.

My stepdad is very peculiar when it comes to wool. He says he’s allergic to it. I don’t believe him, which is why I knit it in the same Quince and Co. Lark, and Sweet Georgia Sport I did for Kyle, who is also a bit of a yarn snob.

Anyway, the point is that I finished it over the weekend and now I’m super happy to have another project off the needles and on my head…well….to test it at least.

Seriously though, each time I finish this pattern I love it immensely, even though I curse the yards of stockinette I have to do for it, and just want to keep them for myself. I think the next Hubby Hat will have to be destined for me, or maybe it’s just time I cast on a Sockhead Slouch Hat? OMG COULD YOU IMAGINE A HUBBY HAT WITH A HOGWARTS CREST ON IT?! Dear lord, this is happening.