Although I am currently a Calgarian, as some of you may or may not know, I’m originally from Ontario, just outside of Toronto. This means I grew up yelling for the Maple Leafs (I will admit I’m now a Calgary Flames fan; can you blame me?), the Blue Jays, the Raptors, the Toronto Rock….and the Argos.

Now, I’m not a sporting person by any means – the only time I could be called an sports enthusiast is when I’m actually at a game, or it’s quidditch. And football? Yeah, not my thing. However, it is most definitely my stepdad’s thing, and so after casting on a Hubby Hat for him (aka the same hat I knit Kyle) for a late birthday/Father’s Day present, the only reasonable thing to do was add on an Argos’ ‘A’.

My stepdad is very peculiar when it comes to wool. He says he’s allergic to it. I don’t believe him, which is why I knit it in the same Quince and Co. Lark, and Sweet Georgia Sport I did for Kyle, who is also a bit of a yarn snob.

Anyway, the point is that I finished it over the weekend and now I’m super happy to have another project off the needles and on my head…well….to test it at least.

Seriously though, each time I finish this pattern I love it immensely, even though I curse the yards of stockinette I have to do for it, and just want to keep them for myself. I think the next Hubby Hat will have to be destined for me, or maybe it’s just time I cast on a Sockhead Slouch Hat? OMG COULD YOU IMAGINE A HUBBY HAT WITH A HOGWARTS CREST ON IT?! Dear lord, this is happening.



One thought on “Argooooooooooossss!

  1. LT says:

    Amazing! Do you have the chart for the Argos ‘A’? I made a similar toque for my brother but my improvised A isn’t as nice as yours


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