May the Fourth Be With You

I try not to post too often because, well,

a) I’d run out of things to say, and

b) you’d probably get tired of me.

But I’ve got two special reasons for posting TWO DAYS IN A ROW (whaaaaaat), and they are:

a) It’s May the Fourth. As in may the force be with you. As in Nerdy McNerderpants over here loves Star Wars references/jokes/puns/anything. Yup, I’m bringing the geek.

b) Last night I finally cast off my Drea’s Shawl, or as I’ve been calling it Toria’s Shawl because I feel a little bit awkward when people ask me who Drea is, and why she’s getting a shawl but they aren’t. True story.

knit in leftover Sweet Georgia Superwash Sock and RainCityKnits Superwash Merino

I’m especially happy with this shawl because all throughout knitting it I wavered on my colour choices (this seems to be a thing with me – colour wavering), wondering if they were contrasty enough to play well together, or if maybe I should have frogged that little-bit-too-small Koigu beret I made and used it instead of the Sweet Georgia so it looked more like the sample. But as soon as I cast off and put it on, I fell in love. Like hardcore I-just-want-to-stroke-you-even-when-I-should-let-you-block love.

Luckily, because it’s fingering and didn’t really need to be pinned, I let it dry on top of our laundry rack (thus increasing dry-ability) and by this morning she was ready to be worn.

I’ve never be happier to have an overly air-conditioned office just so I can wear a knit on this balmy May day. Seriously, it’s supposed to get up to 28 degrees Celsius today and I’m wearing a knit shawlette. This is how dedicated I am to my knitting (and in love).

And so with that, darlings, happy knitting and  May the Fourth be with you.


May the Fourth Be With You

3 thoughts on “May the Fourth Be With You

  1. You’re shawl looks great! Drea’s named for Drea de Matteo, the actress. I was watching Sons of Anarchy when I was knitting it. I can see why you changed it, though. Enjoy!


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