How To Pack When You’re a Knitter

When moving all the contents of your home, and especially when you know a lot of your belongings will be put into storage for a long while, the second thing you must do (the first being getting rid of anything you don’t want or need anymore – but that’s not what we’re here to talk about today) is go through your WIPs and stash.

Step 1: Collect up all WIPs into a safe area to be transported with you in your car so that during your journey, and when you arrive at your destination, you will have things readily at hand to start working on right away. This step also includes all your needles and accessories needed (ie. ball winder, tapestry needles, measuring tape, you get the idea)

Step 2: Pick out patterns that you had thought about starting soon, and think that once a WIP or two is done (oh, who are we kidding, even if we don’t finish a WIP first…) a new project will be great, put them aside and a. go through your stash to find any yarn that would work well for that project, or b. use this time to stock up at your favourite LYS on local yarn – since you will never see them ever, ever again. Once yarn is picked, put it aside with the patterns for easy navigation.

Step 3: Go through your stash again, and this time just pick out all the yarn that you just can’t bare to part with right now, or that could potentially find its way to a pattern sometime between the packers and your new place, but before they could be dug out of storage. This is essential, however, if you forget to do this step, or to do it well, this is just an excuse for you to check out all your new LYS.

Step 4: Cry over the fact that you forget to put aside your yarn bowl and the packers got to it first.

Step 5: Keep all current WIPs together in an easily accessible bag(s), and use extra yarn as padding for other objects. This helps increase their efficiency so when your husband asks you why you need to pack so much yarn it’s not just because you may or may not have an addiction, but for efficiency’s sake. Look how much better protected this mug is now!

And that, friends, is my Knitter’s Guide to Packing.


How To Pack When You’re a Knitter

3 thoughts on “How To Pack When You’re a Knitter

  1. If you are travelling on a Transportation Mode where you will be separated from your bags (like planes or boats)- pack one or two projects in your carry-on. Trust me- the wait for your bags will be long without something to work on.


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