It’s (one of) the Best Times of the Year

Yes! It is officially sweater weather, and honestly I couldn’t be happier. The best part? I finally found the box of my sweaters in storage and they’re all HOME now!


I may or may not have too many sweaters (cough – with a couple more still on needles – cough)

This also means that Big Momma is home. AKA my Kaide cardigan/coat


I always go back and forth with this cardigan – because I love it and love feeling like I’m wearing a blanket whenever I wear it (and have I mentioned it looks awesome from the back?) but at the same time, I’m not a huge fan of how the collar turned out, or how the shoulders seamed, and honestly I still haven’t found the perfect buckles which I think helps add to my love-hate relationship with it. But c’est la vie: it’s warm and makes a great coat without feeling too heavy.

And in finished project news:


Særós is now hanging out in Peterborough at Needles in the Hay for the next little while. I have to admit: this project really showed how a good blocking can make a difference. Pre-block it fit lumpily and the sleeves were an inch too short. Post-block the sleeves were perfect and everything smoothed out, especially the yoke!

Happy knitting!

It’s (one of) the Best Times of the Year

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