Knits & Bumps

So far, 2017 has been pretty good. I mean, yeah, we’re only about a week in, but still. I think it’s a good omen. Since returning from the craziness of our trip to Washington and Christmas (although my maternal side of the family actually ended up celebrating our Christmas this past Saturday, which was coincidentally orthodox/Ukrainian Christmas) I have managed to finish MULTIPLE projects! What! I know!


I finally picked up the last “sleeve,” if you can even call it a sleeve, on the Puerperium Cardigan I had started a bit ago in Indigodragonfly’s SuperBaa DK in What the Hay!? It’s super adorable and I can see why so many people have knit it; but I found even following the gauge, I really don’t think this turned out to be a newborn size.

Next I finished the Super Easy Crib Blanket I talked about in my last post. I unfortunately haven’t taken a picture yet but I promise it’s very beautiful, and I can’t wait to wrap up Baby S. in it.

In everyday life, knitting has been getting a little bit harder. If only because of the balancing act I have to do between knitting, cat, and bump:

Cat in the colourway Black with the Aviara Pullover I’ve been knitting as a Sweet Georgia Superwash Sport (in Sapphire!) for Needles in the Hay

Someone has become a bit of a suck lately. Whether because he can tell that soon he will be ousted from his position of baby of the family, or because he’s been trapped downstairs in our room (because of my sister’s dog who’s staying with us right now), who knows but I favour the former.

And speaking of which, I think this will be the last week where I’ll be able to wear most of my pullovers…

Please enjoy this slightly erroneous bump picture.

Ah, the joys of a growing belly that is threatening to stretch out all your handknits! Baby S. is a-coming soon, and I cannot believe how fast time seems to be flying by. We recently found out the sex of the baby (Eeeeeee!!!) and I think that may be the theme of my next post, aka my top picks (thus far!) of “appropriate” gender-specific knitting patterns. Because who doesn’t enjoy a good list of adorable baby patterns?


Knits & Bumps

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