He’s Here


Boy finally decided to join the outside world, 6 days late and 1 day shy of being forced out induced, except now he’s called Miles. And boy, do I love him for miles and miles and miles.

Sadly, since his arrival, the weather has continued to be too hot for hand-knits, even for a baby’s standards, which means that Miles hasn’t been particularly been able to enjoy the collection I stocked up for him aside from a day in his knit blanket and coming home in his Puerperium cardigan (which is, as predicted, way too big on him…) and his Owlies.


Neither have I been able to knit since coming home – this is actually the first time I’ve even made it onto my laptop in over a week – but really, can you blame me? You saw those cheeks.

So please excuse any awkwardly long silences between blog posts from now on. I’m almost to the point where I don’t have the urgent desire to snuggle the valhalla out of him every time he falls asleep and, you know, have a nap actually get some things done instead.

He’s Here