The Problem With Being a Knitting Mother

Yup. It’s been six months since my last post – how six months have gone by with me barely noticing, I have NO IDEA, but wait, yes I do! The reason is called Miles.

Motherhood is exhausting, guys, as I’m sure a few of you also know. And lately all I seem to want to do during nap and bedtime is also sleep or cram in s much knitting as I can. I haven’t quite managed the whole knitting while parenting skill, especially since Miles is just as interested in my knitting as I am, so knitting is unfortunately limited. Sigh. And blogging, well. You know. Please be patient with me.

In knitting news, I have actually finished some projects lately after a slump of seemingly never-ending projects, both of which I do not have any pictures of and are gifts so probably for the better in the long run. BUT I can show you guys my latest acquisitions from our recent trip to Nova Scotia:

Yum, yum, yum! I bought this local (ish) beauties at The Loop in downtown Halifax. I highly recommend stopping in in you ever find yourself in downtown Halifax. Part of the reason I loved it so much was the chatty store clerk who was there, who very willingly took her time to show me everything local they had from skeins to bobbins, and tempted me into buying all three of these with background stories to go with each.

The top one, uberWench, is spun and dyed by a Halifax local librarian who belly dances and used to teach spinning at the Loop.

The middle brown one comes from local sheep, Brownie and Gordy, who are apparently lovely, sweet creatures who make excellent yarn.

And the bottom one, Fuzzy on the Inside, apparently makes wonderful winter mittens, suitable for the east coast wet cold.

How could I resist? I couldn’t. And believe me, it took a lot of self-restraint not to try and find a whole sweater lot in Brownie and Gordy.

The Problem With Being a Knitting Mother