HP, BFFs, and K1s

This has pretty much been my life the last couple of days:


Ah, the joys of being in the same province with your best friend again! I’ve just come back from a couple days at her family trailer hanging out with her and my nieces doing wild and crazy things like swimming with floaties, watching copious amounts of animated movies, and trying to translate Toddlerese. And surprisingly, I was able to get a fair amount of knitting done while there.


The yarn is that madelinetosh 80/10/10 fingering (colour way is The Far Beyond, which isn’t being showcased very well in this picture) I told you about that I had dreamed of knitting a Sunwalker in…except it doesn’t want to be a Sunwalker. It wants to be a Be Kind from Interpretations Vol. 3. Don’t you hate it when your knitting dreams fall through? It wasn’t Sunwalker’s fault – ok, it looks best in more tonal yarns, we all have the colours that bring out the best in us – and it wasn’t the tosh’s fault – it just wants to be colourful, ok? – it’s just that the two weren’t meant to be together and that’s alright.

Either way, in the end I will have an equally cozy shawl to wrap around me. Considering Be Kind is entirely knit in garter stitch with the occasional eyelet row, the way it’s constructed is pretty unique and makes knitting a gazillion fingering stitches in one row (seriously, when you cast off you’re supposed to have 541 stitches…) go pretty quickly.

You’ll also noticed that I’ve conveniently placed the newest Harry Potter book/script underneath my knitting. Dear lord is it brilliant. I told my BFF that I loved her so much that I left my new Harry Potter book at home to spend time with her. That’s commitment; that’s love.

HP, BFFs, and K1s

A Post About Yarn and Books

For anyone who doesn’t know me well, I am a bit list-maker. I love lists. I love making lists. I love reading lists. Maybe this is why I’m such a hardcore knitter, because what is a pattern other than a giant list of steps?

  1. After a couple days of non-knitting (I know..I know) I got back into the obsession last night. I blame my body adjusting to full-time at work; leaving me exhausted at the end of the day and wanting to do nothing but zone out on a book or The Sims. Oh yes, you heard me. I play The Sims.
  2. But last night I managed to rip through the neckline and essentially complete the right front of my Boxy sweater. This morning I finished that front off and started the left. I even brought it to work so that my lunchtime can be filled with Malabrigo-goodness.

The Malabrigo-goodness in question
3. A couple nights ago I finished reading The Table of Less Valued Knights by Marie Phillips, which was quite good, although not exactly what I was expecting, but in it there is a mousy runaway queen named Martha, whose favourite colour is brown because it suits her hair and is the colour of animal fur, but no one believes her because who would have brown as their favourite colour? I usually tend to concur with this statement, as there aren’t many browns out there that can woo me very well, and so when my boss told me this morning that the brown in my tunic suited me very well I didn’t know if it was an actual compliment or not.

4. I have also started reading The Magicians by Lev Grossman, which thus far is stuck in my head.

A Post About Yarn and Books