Belated Thanksknitting

The last two weeks have been hectic, to say the least (although I think I’m always starting posts with things like, “my life has been crazy…”), between Kyle being away on multiple business trips within a two week period, Thanksgiving (yay Canada!) where we/I hosted our first Thanksgiving meal for one side of the family plus another dinner, and just, emotional exhaustion common to the everyday mother.

Somehow within all that I’ve actually managed to be productive on the knitting front, even finishing a couple projects! Blocking included!

This beauty is Ashland by Brooklyn Tweed and knit in their newest yarn, Peerie (in Muslin, Nori, and Marigold), which is absolutely delightful. unlike Loft, it’s a smother spun yarn like Arbor. It blocks out beautifully, and is super soft. I could wear this sweater everyday if I didn’t constantly overheat from chasing Miles around.

And this is Ephemeris from PomPom’s winter issue last year, knit in Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock (in leftover Pomegranate) and Hedgehog Fibres sock (in Typewriter). Technically I finished this in the spring….but then never got around to blocking it, which really did make all the difference.

Also one I am quite pleased with (even if currently Miles does not seem too keen towards hats) is the Puddle Hat from the WYS Bo Peep Story Book, knit if leftover Malabrigo Arroyo ( in Sandbank) and Sweet Georgia’s Superwash Sport ( in Mint Julep). Honestly if I had enough yarn left I’d be tempted to play chicken to ty and knit the matching sweater!

Luckily (or unluckily perhaps) for Miles I have a sweater on the needles for him that I’m hoping to get done by next weekend when we have some family photos taken.

If I could have my way each one of us would be wearing a hand knit sweater for the pictures which technically we could although I’m not actually sure if Kyle’s still fits him, but in my crazy heart I keep thinking maybe, just maybe, I could crank out the rest of the Timberline sweater I started for him, over two years ago, just in time for pictures!? And then inner-Toria laughs and laughs and laughs then faints.

It’s true, I only have 3″ until the armholes. Both sleeves are done. It is possible if I put everything else on hold including housework, feeding everybody and the rest of my projects on hold.

Maybe he’ll get it for Christmas.

Belated Thanksknitting

The Problem With Being a Knitting Mother

Yup. It’s been six months since my last post – how six months have gone by with me barely noticing, I have NO IDEA, but wait, yes I do! The reason is called Miles.

Motherhood is exhausting, guys, as I’m sure a few of you also know. And lately all I seem to want to do during nap and bedtime is also sleep or cram in s much knitting as I can. I haven’t quite managed the whole knitting while parenting skill, especially since Miles is just as interested in my knitting as I am, so knitting is unfortunately limited. Sigh. And blogging, well. You know. Please be patient with me.

In knitting news, I have actually finished some projects lately after a slump of seemingly never-ending projects, both of which I do not have any pictures of and are gifts so probably for the better in the long run. BUT I can show you guys my latest acquisitions from our recent trip to Nova Scotia:

Yum, yum, yum! I bought this local (ish) beauties at The Loop in downtown Halifax. I highly recommend stopping in in you ever find yourself in downtown Halifax. Part of the reason I loved it so much was the chatty store clerk who was there, who very willingly took her time to show me everything local they had from skeins to bobbins, and tempted me into buying all three of these with background stories to go with each.

The top one, uberWench, is spun and dyed by a Halifax local librarian who belly dances and used to teach spinning at the Loop.

The middle brown one comes from local sheep, Brownie and Gordy, who are apparently lovely, sweet creatures who make excellent yarn.

And the bottom one, Fuzzy on the Inside, apparently makes wonderful winter mittens, suitable for the east coast wet cold.

How could I resist? I couldn’t. And believe me, it took a lot of self-restraint not to try and find a whole sweater lot in Brownie and Gordy.

The Problem With Being a Knitting Mother

A Snowy Sunday

It’s been snowing all day today, which has given me more of an excuse to cuddle up in my knits and with Milesman, who surprisingly let me. Yay!

With this weather, it’s a good thing that I finished my Divide sweater not too long ago.

I’m pretty much in love with this sweater and Arbor. The sweater feels surprisingly heavy but when you put it on, it’s just a cloud of wool keeping you the appropriate temperature. The only things I would change if I did it again would be to potentially make the ribbing longer just too add some more length (but not the biggest deal), and I’d redo my seaming because for some reason I just could not get my seaming as smooth as I would have liked. Usually I’m pretty good at seaming so the fact that I can really see the seams without meaning to really bothers me. Argh!


Now I can knock a project off the list, and focus on another one: Tabular from the winter edition of PomPom magazine.

I’ve been coveting this sweater since the first sneak peek of the edition came out, and finally got the chance to get the yarn I needed for it, and the magazine itself, a couple weeks ago from my cousin’s shop, and so far I’m loving it. The front is so interestingly constructed that I’m sad I didn’t leave it until last, because now I’ve just got stockinette pieces. Blah.

BUT I will chug through because I need some post-baby pullovers. Badly.

A Snowy Sunday


Mommy rant: This week has been a stretch of my mommy patience; I’ve been trying to sleep train M. to nap in his crib. Seriously, this kid is amazing at bedtime and most of the time sleeps through the night, but when it came to napping, all he wants is Mama. So it’s been a long, tough week of lots of crying, tweaking and tea. However, this weekend has been a bit of a breakthrough and I can see the light! Finally. End Rant.

In knitting news:

3/4 pieces of Divide have been completed, and the front is on its way. I’m so excited because most of my sweaters don’t particularly fit me well anymore, so this is knit in my new size. It’s knit in Brooklyn Tweed’s Arbor in Klimt, quite possibly one of my favourite shades of yellow ever. And man, do I love yellow.


Sweet Bunting in Action

Today was a particular chilly day in Ontario, which meant everybody got to wear at least 1 knitted item. Miles got to wear his Sweet Bunting Cardi by Laura Chau, which really is one of the sweetest cardigans in the world. 

It’s knit in Malabrigo Arroyo and scraps of Sweet Georgia Superwash Sport and what I think was RainCityKnits sport weight. All are beautifully soft and superwash yarns, practically perfect in every way for babies (and definitely stood the test after a day of drool and minor spit up!). 

I recently found out one of my friends in expecting, and I’m seriously considering knitting her a Sweet Bunting, and who am I kidding, I’ll probably end up knitting M. another one in a larger size eventually. 

In other news, I’m absolutely thrilled because I’ve got not one, but two FOs pinned and drying in the spare room! I finally, finally tackled and finished my Breathing Space sweater, and pushed through the sleeves on Miles’s stag cable pullover. I’m trying to be a good girl lately and only complete projects rather than start them, and so far I’ve been good – at least for the month of October so far. 

What? I managed to snag some Brooklyn Tweed Loft and the pattern for Boardwalk. It was the last temptation, I swear. Until Christmas knitting season begins, that is.


Sweet Bunting in Action

Startitis Strikes Again

The other night all I wanted to do was knit, but none of my current projects called to me. What was a knitter to do? Cast on, of course! Except I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place: a new hat or sweater for Milesman? 

The answer was both!

Which is how I found myself with the start of a Barley hat (knit in one of my LYS’s yarn dyed specially for them in a beautiful superwash wool. It was originally going to be a different sweater for Miles that never really seemed to work out and then ended up being too small for Miles anyways by the time I finished the body…) and another Flax Light in leftover Mechita yarn from my Boxy sweater (which means we’ll technically match!). I love the simplicity of these tincanknits patterns. Sometimes there’s nothing better than garter and stockinette stitch interplaying together, especially on a baby! 
Now if only it’d get nippy again. 

Startitis Strikes Again

Does This Officially Count as Fall?

Well, it’s September and 

A) I can’t believe it. Where did those summer months go? And

B) YAY! This means soon I can maybe, perhaps, possibly start wearing knits again! 

This also means that somehow Milesman has turned 3 months old. WHAT. 

Oh dear lord, my heart!

But in sadder news, that jiggling feeling I had about my Netherton size choice turned out to be unfortunately true. If it had have been the pullover version, it might have been ok, but for the cardigan….sigh. 

So in case you were wondering (which I know you were), this is what almost 2 balls of Dovestone DK looks like frogged and badly rewound by hand. 

Double sigh.

Does This Officially Count as Fall?