Alpaca and the Road

So we have just completed our fourth day of our cross-country trip and so far I have:

  • Spilled on myself twice
  • Eaten 1 and a half bags of Veggie Straws to myself (among other copious things)
  • Had about a gazillion inner monologues with myself
  • Sang along to about 450 songs
  • Listened to 1.25 Harry Potter audio books
  • Contemplated life, the habits of moose and what the best set of matching tattoos for myself and my bestie are
  • Internally strangled Husband for inadvertently telling me the drive from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie isĀ only 7 hours, when really it turned out to be 9
  • Made friends with an alpaca

Wait, what?

Oh yes, you read me. Just about an hour outside of Thunder Bay sits a wee little alpaca farm with a bunch of alpacas and, you guessed it, homespun yarn for sale.

On the left we have a pure alpaca yarn named “Rocky” after the alpaca it was sheared from; on the right an alpaca and sheep blend (all the brown is alpaca from an unknown alpaca, and all the white is sheep). I’m really terribly excited about these, and it makes me giggle at the fact their brand is “Old School Alpaca” (although very hip sounding, I’m pretty sure it’s actually because they’re located on Old School Road…).

On a final note Jasper has been handling the travelling life very well. A regular Jack Kerouac, if I do say so myself.



Alpaca and the Road