Spring Thaw

So maybe I’m going through another “I must finish all the WiPs NOW” nesting phase, maybe it’s because of Glenna C.’s post about getting out of a knitting slump, or maybe it’s a spring thaw causing things to come out of hibernation, but any way you look at it, I have mysteriously had the incredible insistence that I start working again on my Floral Jumper (or as I dubbed it, Party Like It’s 1949).

The first piece I finished eons ago now. Knit in SweetGeorgia’s Tough Love Sock in Orchid, and Cascade Heritage Solids in navy and white

I started this over a year ago and ended up putting it down pretty much when we moved back to Ontario. It wasn’t a good travel project and needs a fair bit of concentration since the flowers are done in a weird intarsia/stranded method; then when I got pregnant, the thought of finishing all that work and not having it fit made me a bit sad, so I put it away to hibernate…

Until earlier this week when it’s siren call came wafting across the basement and I just couldn’t say no (although I have to admit that first I had to squish down the voice in my head that wanted to rip the entire thing back and make something else out of it…it was one of my more insane moments). And somehow I’ve managed to finish the first band of flowers on the second repeat and have high hopes to get that full second repeat done, dare I say, today?!

Wish me luck!

Spring Thaw

A Tired Knitter

I wish I had better news, but my news are more shocking in the fact that this week almost every night I’ve gotten home, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t even wanted to knit. I know, it’s truly shocking. As someone who knits all the freakin’ time, the fact that I’ve been too tired to knit has shocked more than one person. I’m pretty sure even my cats were shocked.

Regardless of tiredness, I have made progress on my Floral Jumper (I’ve completed one full flower repeat!), which I’m pretty proud about. I haven’t really worked with intarsia much, and this pattern is a bit of a weird combination of intarsia and fair isle since you just carry the main colour across the whole row rather than starting a new bobbin so I’m finding myself mixing techniques.

I’ve also cast on for my second Bow Ties are Cool socks that will be a present for my mum.


I’m desperate to get these done (such an easy pattern and so easy to do on 9″ circulars!) mostly just so I can start a new pair with the Ancient Arts Fibre sock in Three Valley Gap that I bought on a whim; not only that but I still have a skein of Regia sock that is calling to be knit as well.

I’m finding lately that when it comes to socks I want patterns that are easy enough to memorize quickly and are semi-plain than fancy. I love a good travel-worthy sock.

Do you have any favourite sock patterns?

A Tired Knitter