Wool Season

I feel like, like most knitters, I have a fondness for the winter season, if only to see how many knitted things I can wear at one time.

(Three: mittens not pictured)

Because of the whole new-baby-struggle-to-even-keep-myself-alive-let-alone-a-baby thing I’ve been going through, I decided for this holiday season to calm my knitted gift knits and limit my number of recipients and to only knit hats.

Somehow I managed to finish all of them plus a last minute surprise for Husband – shush! I know he reads this blog!

One Cafe au Lait Tam, two Fuck It Hats and a Pennyroyal with a furry pom pom for extra joy.

I loved doing all of them. Pennyroyal is a simple and easy pattern with a little kick. I’m actually tempted to knit one for myself since recently I’ve been craving a new toque.

This Cafe au Lait tam has been in my head for months now since I bought the skein of BaaRamEwe’s Dovestone DK at my cousin’s shop when she was getting rid of it. I knew the colour was perfect for my mum, and I’ve been loving knitting with Dovestone on other projects that we won’t talk about because they’re currently being neglected.

I had knit the Fuck It hat before for my dad, who promptly let his ex-wife borrow it then lose it, which is why he asked for another one (and this’ll be the last one for him ever). I luckily still had some Cascade 200 leftover from the first time, but for the other one I went a bit more…feminine.

There is something incredibly pleasing about knitting naughty words in a beautiful pink. And what luscious pinks they were! The words are knit in West Yorkshire Spinner’s The Croft Shetland Tweed in Heylor, and the MC is The Fibre Co.’s Cumbria in Cowberry. I am grateful that this pattern doesn’t use up a full ball of either because that means leftovers for me! Merry Christmas, everyone, and Happy Holidays!

Wool Season

If The Hat Fits

And it does.

I very quickly finished the Barley I talked about in my last post for Miles, and love it so much that I’ve been debating casting on another one for a upcoming baby’s birthday present. 

On the other WIPs front, Miles’s new Flax Light sweater is coming along slowly but surely. I’ve hit the body which means straight knitting now until the bottom ribbing so my attention has wandered a bit despite my love of the wonderful little garter rows the Mechita knits up.

And then, of course, because I have no self control and found my leftover balls of Rios, I decided Miles needed a Stacked Stag-horn Baby Sweater, like, now. 

Since taking this picture, I’ve finished the body and started a sleeve. It’s knit up wonderfully quick compared to the Flax Light and even the Netherton cardigan I’ve also been working on in DK. Ah, worsted weight, it’s almost your season again.

I know, I know. I’ve got mad startitis and I just can’t stop myself! I think part of the issue is that I’ve mostly given up trying to knit during the day with Miles because, well, things like this happen:

So now I reserve my post-Miles-bedtime time for knitting. This means roughly 3 hours or less where I try to cram in as much knitting as I can. Sigh. 

If The Hat Fits

Startitis Strikes Again

The other night all I wanted to do was knit, but none of my current projects called to me. What was a knitter to do? Cast on, of course! Except I found myself stuck between a rock and a hard place: a new hat or sweater for Milesman? 

The answer was both!

Which is how I found myself with the start of a Barley hat (knit in one of my LYS’s yarn dyed specially for them in a beautiful superwash wool. It was originally going to be a different sweater for Miles that never really seemed to work out and then ended up being too small for Miles anyways by the time I finished the body…) and another Flax Light in leftover Mechita yarn from my Boxy sweater (which means we’ll technically match!). I love the simplicity of these tincanknits patterns. Sometimes there’s nothing better than garter and stockinette stitch interplaying together, especially on a baby! 
Now if only it’d get nippy again. 

Startitis Strikes Again

Baby Knits to Consider

As promised, I’ve decided to write a post composed of my top favourite baby patterns that I’ve either knit myself previously or that I’m dying to knit (because if it looks adorable on the pattern page, the pattern itself must be great, right?).

First I’d like to start with one of my all-time favourites to knit and gift:

Purl Soho’s Super Easy Crib Blanket

Knit in Berroco Vintage Chunky with 8mm needles rather than the recommended 9mm

I’ve knit this blanket three times now, and every time I’m surprised at how much I love the end results. There’s just something fantastic about having a squishy garter stitch blanket for a baby to get snuggled up in. There’s different weight variations of this pattern available and a bunch of suggested colourways sure to suit any discerning babe (the colourway shown above was one of theirs).

Anna & Heidi Pickles’s Kitty Hat

Note: this was a free pattern but now can only be purchased as part of a collection

This hat is an adorable addition to any wee one’s wardrobe. I’ve knit it a couple times for a few of my nieces (one of whom is going to need it in a bigger size soon!) and I think Baby Boy is going to need one too. This could also be really cute with a little nose and whiskers embroidered onto the front of it!

Owlet by Kate Davies

Who doesn’t love Kate Davies’s designs? And honestly who doesn’t love a good bulky pattern? As I write this, I’m considering taking a pause in writing to go get my wallet so I can buy the pattern (No, Vic, patience! Patience!) I’m considering knitting this in the leftovers from the Super Easy Crib Blanket with a neutral yoke.

Purl Soho’s Baby Moccasins

There is almost nothing I love more than a baby in moccasins! This is also an incredibly versatile pattern when it comes to picking colours, designs, etc.and is great for using up some scraps. You could make ten pairs of them with different results each time! For example:


Sweet Bunting by Laura Chau

The title of this pattern says it all: it’s so sweet! As I’m sure you remember, I just finished knitting a version of this myself, but I figured rather than posting another picture of that one, you’d probably prefer seeing the pattern example on an equally sweet baby.

I loved knitting this sweater; it’s a bottom up construction and then join all the pieces together for the yoke. There is something infinitely satisfying to have everything done with only the yoke left.

Think of the colour combinations! On top of that I’ve heard that cardigans are a baby’s best wardrobe piece and with only one little tie to worry about, how could you say no?

Playdate by tincanknits

I just recently bought this pattern and am SO EXCITED to knit one for Baby Boy! But you know the best part? When you purchase this pattern, you get sizes from (as they call it) baby to big. Meaning? Matching sweaters for baby and parent! Sqeeeeeeeeeee!

I could see this becoming a staple in everybody’s wardrobe.

Linden Down’s Baby Sophisticate

Knit in Berroco Vintage Chunky

If you want more of an outright “grandpa” sweater, Baby Sophisticate is the perfect pattern for you.

I learned from experience when knitting this, it’s better to go with a lighter weight – like worsted weight – than heavier, as in the chunky weight I chose. I would definitely suggest if you do decide to use a chunkier weight, size up! Regardless this was still a great pattern to knit. Imagine adding some elbow patches or pockets (or both!) to this sweater!

And finally, Flax and Flax Light by tincanknits

Let’s just admit that tincanknits are pretty badass designers. There are very few designs of theirs that I don’t want to cast on immediately for. Flax and Flax Light are the same pattern just written for worsted and fingering weights respectively. I personally love these patterns because of how customizable they are – whether it’s through colour choices, switching out the garter panels for other stitch patterns, even just knitting it in different yarns can create completely different sweaters!

And the sizes! Oh the sizes! Once again, both patterns come in baby to big patterns, which makes it really irresistible not to knit one up for the whole family.

Baby Knits to Consider

Winter is Coming: Knit Faster

As I was camping this weekend, I got my first hit of the impending fall.

Be Kind shawl from Interpretations Vol. 3 in progress in madelinetosh 80/10/10 in the Far Beyond

It was a bit cold, it rained a fair bit on Saturday, and all I could think was, “some knits would have been nice,” followed by, “oh dear lord, all of my knit accessories are in a box somewhere.”

And I died inside.

Yup, all my hats, mitts, cowls and scarves, and the majority of my sweaters are all in boxes stored away at my mother-in-laws.

What is a knitter to do? Well, my husband would say, we’ll just go through the boxes and find them all. I say I need to knit a whole new set.

REALLY, I already have 3/4 of a cowl done, I’ve now got some amazing Scottish yarn my parental so brought back for me from their trip that is dying to become mittens. I just need yarn for a hat. Oh dear. I guess I’ll have to go shopping…

Winter is Coming: Knit Faster


Although I am currently a Calgarian, as some of you may or may not know, I’m originally from Ontario, just outside of Toronto. This means I grew up yelling for the Maple Leafs (I will admit I’m now a Calgary Flames fan; can you blame me?), the Blue Jays, the Raptors, the Toronto Rock….and the Argos.

Now, I’m not a sporting person by any means – the only time I could be called an sports enthusiast is when I’m actually at a game, or it’s quidditch. And football? Yeah, not my thing. However, it is most definitely my stepdad’s thing, and so after casting on a Hubby Hat for him (aka the same hat I knit Kyle) for a late birthday/Father’s Day present, the only reasonable thing to do was add on an Argos’ ‘A’.

My stepdad is very peculiar when it comes to wool. He says he’s allergic to it. I don’t believe him, which is why I knit it in the same Quince and Co. Lark, and Sweet Georgia Sport I did for Kyle, who is also a bit of a yarn snob.

Anyway, the point is that I finished it over the weekend and now I’m super happy to have another project off the needles and on my head…well….to test it at least.

Seriously though, each time I finish this pattern I love it immensely, even though I curse the yards of stockinette I have to do for it, and just want to keep them for myself. I think the next Hubby Hat will have to be destined for me, or maybe it’s just time I cast on a Sockhead Slouch Hat? OMG COULD YOU IMAGINE A HUBBY HAT WITH A HOGWARTS CREST ON IT?! Dear lord, this is happening.



Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a bit obsessive about queuing things up on Ravelry. I’m pretty sure my queue is actually past 400 patterns (eek!) and growing constantly. Queuing items, for me, helps me remember what patterns I’d like to do once I’m finished the ones I’m already working on, keeps gift ideas in the back of my mind, and is a handy place to keep all my favourite projects together for those frivolous days at the yarn shop when I find an extra-squishy ball of wool that demands to be taken home.

And so, since it’s a slow day at work (work on Good Friday, you may be saying, seriously? Yes, seriously) I’d like to bestow upon you guys some of my favourite future-to-do free (!!!) patterns in my queue for anyone looking for yarnspiration.

  1. Campside by Alicia Plummer

Knit in DK, I’ve been eyeing this baby for what feels like eons, but my dread of large shawls always outweighs my love of them. One day I will take the plunge.

2. Squircle by General Hogbuffer

There are 2 reasons why this is on my list: one is that it’s an innovative heel flap and two is that the name itself reminds me of what we used to call “squirrels” to our old dog. I’d love to try this in the colour patterns they’ve done!

3. Delft by RachSøgaardel 

How is this even a free pattern? The only thing keeping me from knitting this is a lack of a sewing machine for steeks and a lack of faith in my hand-stitching/crochet skills.

4. Winchester Plaid, Anti-Posession Mittens by Kat Lewinski

Whether you’re a Supernatural fan or not (but you should be) these mittens will keep you warm and toasty and are PLAID! How can you say no?

5. Venezia Glamour Shawl by Cheryl Beckerich

I love the idea of shawls knit in bulkier weights rather than traditional lace. So warm and cozy, it’s like wearing a mini blanket around your shoulders!

6. Father Cables by Veronica Jobe

I love a good unisex cabled hat. This hat will be creeping its way onto my list for future Christmas knits after an unfortunate incident last Christmas that involved a family member whose head ended up being a lot bigger than anticipated….

7. Conversationalist by Plucky Knitter Designs

This hat would be great for leftover balls of yarn and the colour choices are endless! Can you imagine a whole set for a family in coordinating colours!?!

8. Viaduct by Beata Jezek

Again, another shawl that I’ve been eyeing for eons but am afraid to start. But what a beauty project this would be when finished! And speaking of more shawls I’m afraid to start…

9. Outline by Beata Jezek

I think this is a fantastic idea for a pattern: it comes with a variation for full skeins of fingering, or for using leftovers. Brilliant!

10. Minetta by Kirsten Kapur

Minetta is a super classic cardigan knit in fingering that I could see becoming a perfect work and everyday staple. And think about how many colours this would be perfect in!

Well lovelies, there are ten of my four hundred and something queued patterns. Do you have any patterns that have been queued forever that you’re dying to do?

Queued: A Mini-List of Projects I’d Like to Knit