Not My Problem

Well. So much for self-control. Last week my cousin asked me if I wanted to do a knit-along of Joji Locatelli’s Boxy with her and┬ámy other cousin, and I love Joji’s patterns – adore them. After hemming and hawing for a few days I caved and went and hemmed and hawed over colourways of Malabrigo Mechita (I went for the Plomo colourway) which my cousins had already bought (the Mechita in general, not the Plomo; they picked Eggplant and Cielo y Tierra) .

#norestraint, #neverenoughyarn, #whatprojectsthatshouldbefinishedfirst?

Not even a week later I’m one skein in (aka 9 1/2″) and still going strong. Surprisingly considering it’s a helluva lot of stockinette (370 stitches per row!) in fingering weight, I’m chugging along quite nicely; I truly think it’s the Malabrigo that keeps me going.

Hopefully by this weekend I’ll be ready to split the front and back, and perhaps sooner rather than later I’ll have a new light sweater to wear in this shock of chilly weather we’ve been having. Or, you know, I could always push along on that Mucha Cardigan I’ve been working on…..oh Mucha.

Happy Tuesday!



Not My Problem