A Bad Case of Startitis

Every knitter has been there: startitis.

Startitis is the horrible feeling that you never have enough projects, and/or that you must cast on just one more project because it is imperative that you start that new shawl right now!

Startitis comes and goes in waves. Sometimes you can be content to work away at your projects; enjoying the sense of completion and rock-steady patience it takes to finish that sweater you swore would be finished two months ago. Sometimes you can go for weeks, without feeling the itch to go to the yarn store. Sometimes you stop second-guessing your pattern choices and can keep calm and knit it out.

And then sometimes all you can think about is the thrill of casting on for a new project, spending hours on ravelry searching for the perfect piece that is missing from your wardrobe (startitis is very selfish and usually is only concerned about your knitting needs, rather than others), or, horror upon horrors, what knitted items you have that you never wear and should really frog and use for another project. The horror!

I’m unfortunately going through this right now. You read about my plunge into the #SherlockLive Cardi I started in my last post. I’ve already finished one sleeve and am halfway through the chart on the second sleeve. image_medium2

I should have been satisfied. But I wasn’t. I broke again and cast on again! Drea’s Shawl in RainCityKnit’s Super Sock, and Sweet Georgia’s Tough Love Sock. img_2097_medium2

The RainCityKnit’s had already been frogged from a pair of “My Cup of Tea” socks that were too big for me, and the Sweet Georgia is left over from a pair of “Octopode” socks. I couldn’t resist.

Even then. Startitis is striking again today. When I was trying to decide on what to wear, I almost left the house in my Fitted February Pullover by Amy Herzog. Which is a lovely pattern, and I love the lace pattern…


Except ever since making this sweater (from again frogged Spud & Chloe Sweater), even though I love the lace, I have always wished it was longer. I even added on an extra section of garter on the bottom since the whole thing was knit from the bottom up (woe is me; this is why I like top down sweaters, as I have a longer than average torso and like being able to try things on) but it still just doesn’t feel right.

And that’s when the thought crossed through my mind for the thousandth time: I should just frog it and make something I’ll actually love wearing.

Now I’ve wasted more than enough time trying to find exactly what this yarn would be perfect for, because you know, already having 3 sweaters, 1 scarf, 1 shawl, and 1 set of fingerless mitts on the needles right now just isn’t enough.

Le sigh.


A Bad Case of Startitis

Well, isn’t this nice

I’ve always been a bad blogger. I know this for a fact. I doubt I could even count the number of blogs I’ve started with high hopes, kept up for a wee bit, then completely forgotten about and then remembered about it only to discover it as dead as the Tamagotchi I also forgot about in the 5th grade.

I always say I’m going to try harder, and I will! I promise.

To start, I’ll tell you that I have an incredibly weak will when it comes to yarn. Rarely can I come out of a yarn store without some little squishy skein of wool on top of whatever it was I had originally gone in for. This happened to me yesterday: I went in for a set of double-points, and came out with enough yarn to make a #SherlockLives Cardi. I am at least, lucky enough to have a husband who puts up with my yarn habits, and will actually listen to me when I text him as I’m leaving my LYS saying, “please don’t judge me when I get home.”

And so, of course, I’m already about halfway through the sleeve chart on the first sleeve – I decided to start with a sleeve because even though my gauge was pretty spot on, I still substituted sport for DK and I figure a sleeve makes a pretty decent large swatch to test the colour work out on. Plus, you know, the colour work is the whole reason behind wanting to knit this cardigan. Eeee!

I just feel bad for my poor Harley sweater. Just as I was getting into the rhythm of the first sleeve (the sleeves are the last things that need to be knit), I go and leave it for another sweater.

Because I am apparently a project slut, I also cast on last night a pair of Podster Gloves with the special vacation yarn I bought in Seattle over Thanksgiving weekend (surprise! I’m Canadian!). I can’t remember the exact brand of it off the top of my head, and I don’t have the label with me; all I remember is that it was made in Montana and was the closest “local” yarn I could find that wasn’t close to $50 CAD per skein. I may be addicted, but not THAT addicted.

Happy Thursday!

Well, isn’t this nice