Back in the Saddle

This whole baby thing has really been cramping my knitting style. For the whole first month of Miles’s life, I was unable to do any knitting. None. Zip. Nada. And even once I started “having time” the thought of trying to balance knitting from a chart and a baby exhausted me. So I did what any sane knitter at the end of her knitting rope (or dare I say….yarn?!) would do: I cast on a new project.


It was the only reasonable thing to do! A simple pair of toe-up socks that require no pattern or intense concentration, and a handily already-wound ball of Loft ready to go. I admit, perhaps not my ideal yarn for socks (AKA no nylon) but I’ve been dying to use it for ages and my other pair of pure wool socks have a hole in the heel that needs darning that I’ll be darned if I ever get to.

And so in the spare moments, when I can manage to get both hands free from under a sleeping babe, or Husband takes him for a bit, I’ve got the needles in my hands again and I am SO PLEASED!

On an end note, please enjoy this picture of said knitting-cramping-style babe in question, who turned a month old on Saturday.


Back in the Saddle

Two Left Feet

It’s been almost a week since I cast on for a pair of “Soul Socks” but I have to tell you, my soul must have been in need because I finished the first one within a day of casting on.


I’m so pleasantly pleased and happy with my first “original pattern”. However, there are some members of the family who don’t seem to truly appreciate my skill….or knitting photo shoots.


How rude.


Regardless, the sock fits my foot to a tee, which is great. I always get a little bit nervous with after-thought heels that they may not be going in the right place. I was 98% sure based on trying on the sock, but to double-check I measured the length of my foot to the ball of my heel, then measured to the same length on the sole of the (flattened) sock and picked up stitches there for the afterthought heel. And you know what? It was perfect.

In other footy news, a new baby has joined our clan, a wee little boy who has joined a gaggle of girls and whom I unfortunately won’t get to snuggle until June (boo-urns). But to celebrate, I whipped up a pair of Purl Soho’s Baby Moccasins┬ábecause,well, c’mon. Look how cute they are:

Knit in scraps of Cascade 220, and Berroco Vintage. I misread the pattern and thought it called for worsted, not sport weight, but they still seem to essentially come out to gauge!

Poor husband had to deal with me waving them around at him last night as each step got completed, cooing over how tiny and precious they were (how could I not?!). And now I’m determined to make many pairs of these for all my other expecting friends. They legitimately took me maybe an hour to make a set, including the duplicate stitch and end weaving in.

A pro tip though for anyone wanting to make these: do the duplicate stitch once the tops are done, rather than at the end. These things are appropriately tiny, and even with MY tiny hands, I don’t know if I’d be able to wrangle duplicate stitch on these once the bottoms are complete.

Two Left Feet