Oy Vey

As promised, the last couple weeks have flown by as we’ve been settling in to our new digs, and even while writing this sentence somehow a full 24 hours has passed since I’ve been able to complete it. Oy.

We are, happily, almost all settled in and unpacked with the last few remaining boxes hanging out (including a box where all my finished baby knits from Calgary were hiding! The sad part though? Apparently I definitely leaned more towards the girlish knits, with only 2 of the knits “suitable” for a wee boy. Wah.), mostly because I need them moved but they are too heavy for me to lift, handle or shuffle around. Le sigh. However, this means I have more of a reason now to make sure I take rests and do more things like knit – something that has been sadly lacking in my life since we moved.

On Saturday night though, Husband had a guys night/diaper party at our new digs and because I had no energy to leave the house, Jasper and I hid upstairs to watch movies and work on a Little Baby Sweater for Boy.

Knit in leftover Cascade Heritage Sock (red) and Neighborhood Fiber Co. Studio Sock in Thomas Circle

I forgot how much I love this little pattern. I’ve knit it multiple times before for other friends and hadn’t thought to knit one for Boy until a few weeks ago. Considering how chilly it’s still been here, I figured he may appreciate it.

Anyways, that’s my quick update. Please excuse me while I go finish my morning tea and organize some books.

Oy Vey

A Tired Knitter

I wish I had better news, but my news are more shocking in the fact that this week almost every night I’ve gotten home, I’ve been so tired that I haven’t even wanted to knit. I know, it’s truly shocking. As someone who knits all the freakin’ time, the fact that I’ve been too tired to knit has shocked more than one person. I’m pretty sure even my cats were shocked.

Regardless of tiredness, I have made progress on my Floral Jumper (I’ve completed one full flower repeat!), which I’m pretty proud about. I haven’t really worked with intarsia much, and this pattern is a bit of a weird combination of intarsia and fair isle since you just carry the main colour across the whole row rather than starting a new bobbin so I’m finding myself mixing techniques.

I’ve also cast on for my second Bow Ties are Cool socks that will be a present for my mum.


I’m desperate to get these done (such an easy pattern and so easy to do on 9″ circulars!) mostly just so I can start a new pair with the Ancient Arts Fibre sock in Three Valley Gap that I bought on a whim; not only that but I still have a skein of Regia sock that is calling to be knit as well.

I’m finding lately that when it comes to socks I want patterns that are easy enough to memorize quickly and are semi-plain than fancy. I love a good travel-worthy sock.

Do you have any favourite sock patterns?

A Tired Knitter